New Yoga Milestone!

heather head1

So I am super excited and wanted to share. I have been doing Yoga for about a month or two on a consistent basis and today I was able to get up unto forearm headstand. Yay!!! As you can see in the picture, I am in front of a wall. I admit that I use the wall just a bit when I kick my first foot up but I am able to hold the pose without using the wall for support when I bring the other leg up. You know what the coolest thing is about the whole pose? – Guess who motivated me to even try it? My 7 year old daughter! She is a super strong, athletically talented kid. She has been doing handstands, cartwheels and headstands around the house all week. She wanted to play gymnastics today and she was going to be the teacher. I can give my oldest sweet girl all the credit for my forearm headstand. Thanks Madi!

What goals have you been working on?

madi headstandmadimakay headstand

Be Happy. Be Healthy. See good. Namaste -H


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