On The Road Again

morning run

It’s just after 6am and I am sitting here on my couch nice and sweaty from my first run in about 2 weeks and man does it feel good! We took a family vacation a few weeks back and after the deep sand and bodyboarding in the rough waves, my right achilles was not too happy with me.  I attempted to run a short 3 miles the weekend we got home and I ended up walking over a mile back. Not cool. I took a long 2 weeks off, and hit the road again this morning. My father in-law is a frequent running buddy and I was thinking about doing about 3.5-4 miles because I felt pretty good. Luckily I am smart enough to take a wise runner with me who told me I would be crazy to push it that far on my first day back out. We did 3 miles nice and easy and I feel good. I could feel my ankle but it wasn’t hurting so I am pretty confident that I will be back on my previous running schedule in no time!
I feel like every time I really get into my running “plan” and start gaining miles and increasing speed (always slowly and sensibly) I end up with hurting knees or shins. I started Yoga awhile back to just supplement my running and hoping it would help keep some of the pain and injuries away. The more I do Yoga, the more I fall in love with it. Even after 2 weeks off the road (if you’re a runner, you know how much you can lose in 2 weeks) and mending an ankle, I felt nice and relaxed and surprisingly good this morning and I couldn’t be happier. I feel that I can definitely credit my daily Yoga practice for that!

Be Happy. Be Healthy. See Good. ~Namaste


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