Healthy Day & Experience at a Hippie Commune

peace love and hippiesPeace, Love and Hippies. Although a friend of mine who was born and raised on a hippie commune, would rather refer to herself as a Flower Child, so I guess it should say Peace, Love and Flower Children. Same thing, whatever. So today was a great day. I was bound and determined to follow through with what I said in my last post. Today also happened to be my first day back at work after a wonderful, although not long enough, summer break. This is what my day looked like: Woke up at 5am and headed upstairs to do a peaceful morning yoga session, courtesy of YogaByCandace. (Love, Love, LOVE her blog and youtube channel by the way). Yoga session was followed by one of her quick 5 minute meditations. I went back downstairs and made myself a glass of warm lemon water and started getting ready for the morning. I allowed myself enough time to get ready without being rushed and THEN woke the girls up to get ready to leave for Grandma’s house. I’ve gotta say, that was MUCH better than rushing around like a crazy person trying to get myself and the kids ready at the same time. The girls wanted to eat breakfast at grandma’s house so I made myself a quick morning shake made by Garden of Life and headed out to drop girls off and head to work.

I have a 20ish minute drive to work so I used that time to catch up on some of my podcasts. Now, I’ve got to be perfectly honest and say that while I enjoy my job, I feel like the place I work isn’t the best fit for me so it was super hard to not have a negative attitude all day about it. Tons of negative thinking popped up throughout the day like… “I so should take that other job in the neighboring county, even though that’s probably not the best thing for the kids right now”, “these people sure do whine and complain a lot”, “man, none of these pointless training sessions have anything to do with my job”… and on and on and on. It took a lot of work and effort to try to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Considering the work day and how I could have allowed it to go, I’d say I did pretty well. None of us are perfect. It’s easy to get sucked into negative thinking but it’s so important to make the best of every situation and if you aren’t happy with your current situation, look into ways you can better it.

Anyway, I got to leave and enjoy a nice salad for lunch with my husband and we even got out of work early. I came home, played with the girls for awhile and then, headed off to the hippie commune. Yep, you read that right. About 20 minutes down the road is a place everyone refers to as The Farm. It was founded in the 70s by Stephen Gaskin and it’s got a pretty cool history. Read all about it here. So, I have always wanted to try out one of their Yoga classes, and tonight was the night. For a second, I thought I was a little lost, but I called a friend (the flower child), and made my way to the right place. The class was small and I was the youngest one there by about 25 years probably, which is totally cool because if you know anything about me, you know I love spending time with older people. It was about an hour long and a little slower paced flow that what I am used to doing on my own, but I really enjoyed it and it was nice to have a group to practice with as opposed to doing it in my bonus room alone. I even got to do my forearm headstand in class that I did for the first time the other day. I was pretty proud of myself! Although, I will say that 2 of the older women in class did a forearm headstand without any assistance from with wall and held it for way longer than I was able to and I even had assistance from the wall. I can’t wait to get to that point!

So, now here I am, typing up a recap of the day and as I look back on things, I am pretty proud of how it went. I ate healthy, clean food, got in some great exercise and meditation and I’m ready to start tomorrow morning off with an early morning run. There’s nothing quite better than running to the sunrise. But, more about that later.

What are you proud of today?

Be Happy. Be Healthy. See Good. ~Namaste


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