Beauty/Hair/Skin Care

Until fairly recently, I had always used the typical store bought soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. Adopting a Primal/Paleo lifestyle helped open my eyes to all the crazy chemicals in out typical store bought beauty products. I am slowly starting to get rid of all of my normal junk and buy chemical free products that are good for me! Here are a few. As usual, if you have tried something you like that’s not on the list send it my way!

dr bronnerBody Wash: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – love the peppermint and the scent works for both me and the husband! Love the tingling sensation I get every time I suds up, but the best part is reading the bottle every morning! (the older I get, theĀ harder it is to read in the shower without my glasses)

dr teal epsomBath Time: There is nothing quite as relaxing as a nice hot bath. My new favorite bath product is Dr. Teal’s Relax Epsom Salt.


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